Broker time out exception

Hi all,
In our production server soem time we are facing the below issue. [
ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Timeout (112-1450): The request timed out.
while executing trigger. Unable to ack Document for TriggerStore.

and the document in the broker is publised twice, so please advice on this and also guide me . right now we are using 7.1.2 version.


Hi guys,

Facing the same issue… Do someone have any inputs in this regard ?

Thank you,

The mention error refer to connection problem between IS and Broker.

-Do a broker_ping localhost:XXXX (with your broker port number) to see if your connection is still active

-Please check if you have install any network controlling tools that will kill idle connection.
You may want to set a shorter active connection between Integration Server and Broker.
The connection might be closed for being idle, in which case it will not be reconnect automatically.
For setting shorter active connection, You may do it in [\IntegrationServer\config\server.cnf]
-BACKUP server.cnf before make the changes
at [watt.server.dispatcher.comms.brokerPing=1800000] to
[watt.server.dispatcher.comms.brokerPing=30000] or which ever value that you think it suit

Naidu, May I know your Broker version? \Broker\bin>awbroker -version
Are you also facing document being published twice issue also?
Please attach server.log for easier debugging too