Broker storage


Recently we’ve had to add extra storage files for the Broker as the current Broker.qs.stor became full. After this procedure, the additional storage files tend to grow extremely fast (1GB a week) which is a lot more than prevously although transactions and logging are on the same level.

My two questions are:

  1. What could be the cause of the storage file growing so fast?

  2. Is is possible to remove a storage file by just deleting it? Right now we have:

Broker.qs.stor (2GB)
MoreStorage1.qs.stor (1GB)
MoreStorage2.qs.stor (1GB)
MoreStorage3.qs.stor (2GB)

Would it be safe to just delete MoreStorage1.qs.stor and MoreStorage2.qs.stor?

Best Regadrs

Hi Marek,
to answer your questions :
1 - the size of these files depends on the way you took to create them, when you create it you probably specified a reserved size and a max size. Then you automatically create a file of the size “reserved size”. Then this files while grow until the max size if you have at a time many documents in one of the queue of the broker. This can comes from many reasons (may be one is yours) :
-A persistent client is subscribing for guaranteed documents