Broker Storage File Cleanup


We have faced a production issue wherein Broker Storage file got utilized 100%.
To fix this , we created a new Broker Storage file.

But since the space is limited the new Broker Storage file created is of 1G only whereas old Broker Storage file is occupying 10G space.

I am not sure how we can reclaim that 10 G space.

Can we delete the old Broker Storage file.
If Yes, is there a chance we can loose any documents.
Or if we keep both files the older file utilization would come down?

Please suggest.


You can not free broker storage files. Right from the “Administering Broker” Guide:
You cannot decrease the reserve or maximum size of a storage file, delete the storage file,
or change the file’s location after is it created.

Only way is a complete recreation, but this means all documents currently in the storage are lost.

Thanks Martin for your reply.

After creating new storage file somehow load got distributed and both files are now showing 0% use space.