Broker side client queues

This is regarding the receiving publishable docs from broker in Webmethods 6.0.1. If broker is connected to a client X. Client X has 4 triggers which subscribe to publishable doc. Then how broker mainitains the queues?Is it one queue per client or one queue per trigger.

Gagandeep, rather than try to answer your question here, I will refer you to the webMethods document “Building Integration Solutions Using Publication” (ISBuildingIntegrations.pdf). You will find very detailed answers to your questions regarding pub/sub and how the queues work. This doc can be found at the webMethods Advantage web site Bookshelf under the “webMethods Developer” section OR if you have webMethods 6.0.1. installed, look under <webmethods>\Developer\doc\guides



Each Trigger is a client. Each client has a unique queueu space defined on Broker.