Broker Server Not starting

I am trying to start a webmethods 8.2 broker server .

But i am getting the below error .

The host ‘pkgsmctlbkaudituat’ was found, but no Broker Server monitor is running on port 6850 of that host.

Can see the Broker Monitor is running , but the Broker Server is not starting up .


[wmadm@ncdlsmqasa0004 bin]$ more awbrokermon.cfg
[wmadm@ncdlsmqasa0004 bin]$

The Brokermon should be running on 8840 .

Please help .

I think the config is tweeked after your startup of Monitor.

Please run the below steps –

  • 1. awbrokermon -unconfig – run this command at location …/Broker/bin
    2. change the awbrokermon.cfg and save. (if no changes, add a whitespace somewhere and save the file). Just to make sure it is the latest copy.
    3. awbrokermon -config – run this command at location …/Broker/bin


Hi Naidu ,

Thanks for the response .
I got the issue fixed .
I had to use the startup script in the generic cluster location .
Not the broker is up and running .

Thanks .

Good to hear that.