Broker server in error state

i found broker server running HP-UX on webmethods 6.1 server in Error status.
can someone please tell me what could be the reasons?


How you realized the error occur? Please check the broker server log files that located in webMethods/Portal/broker/logs to get the information.

You also can start the broker server in debug mode. To do so, start the Broker Server from the command-line prompt using the following command: <webMethods_install_directory>/Broker/bin/awbroker –d <full_path_of_BrokerServer_data_directory> -blah

/opt/webMethods/Broker/bin/awbroker –d /var/opt/webmethods/awbrokers71/default -blah

Hi I have tried to start broker server in debug mode also but it didn’t started , even no message displayed after executing the command.

usually we get the output as
eux630{wmadm}# awbroker -d /EAI/wmadm/webMethods6/Broker/data/default -blah
Corefiles: “core.10951”.
Locale character type is C.
Using builtin major message catalog.
#1000 Broker Server ready, process id 5605 (Version 072707)

  • above broker i have started in debug mode but for some other IS the broker server is not getting started.

Hi ,

when tried again to start broker in debug mode i got below error:

eux930{b2badm_b2bi-dev_unset}$ awbroker -d /log_recv/broker61/data/default -blah
Locale character type is C.
Using builtin major message catalog.
#1229 Error: The Server cannot initialize config session with URL “qs:///log_recv/broker61/data/default/Broker.qs”. Error code 1100: QS (-2) LOCKED(QS-2) line:187: Permission denied. [EXITING]

Hi rgills,
This looks like an authorization problem on the affected machine.
Pease check if the username is set to root in awbrokermon.cfg: