Broker required


i have a requirement where I am receving the Source-Specific XML format . I am converting into the target specific formats and sending that.I am dealin with PO,Order Status request docs.
While sending the doc to target is it required to have broker for publish/subscribe.
please can anyone let me know when we will when and why the Broker is used ???


Nothing in what you’ve described would lead me to think you would need Broker, but, then again, you haven’t provided much detail.

Trading Networks uses processing rules and database “queues” to provide functionality that has many publish/subscribe characteristics without using Broker.

If you don’t use TN and don’t use Broker, but need to send a document (or message) to many subscribers, you’ll have to build your own infrastructure to manage publishers, subscribers, documents and subscriptions and to distribute published documents to the appropriate subscribers.

If your needs are extremely simple. This may be fine. If not, use Broker (or TN).


Hi Mark,
Thanks for the info.I am using TN in my scenario.
So from the info provided by you, my understanding is there is no requirement of Broker. The TN will take cdare of pub / sub …rite …

Could you please let me know when the Broker comes into picture.?


I mean,In which scenarios broker is used?

My 1 cent contribution: the ‘fail scenario’ is in the requirement? Using another words, does TN has the capability to retry a transaction when the other end does not respond (link broken, for example) or is unresponsive (may be under heavy load)?

To answer the one-cent contribution: This functionality is provided within TN: Guaranteed Delivery. In your processing rule, action tab in TN, you can specify what service to execute and how; setting it to Service Execution Task enables retries of transactions.

To answer the broker question: as I see it, a broker is used when your infrastructure gets bigger and you want to work with standardized doc formats. Using a broker, you can distribute your architecture; it becomes possible for multiple ISs to subscribe to certain messages, when certain conditions are met. Basically, if you expect a low load, one inbound and one outbound connection, and few message types, there would be no need for a broker.

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