Broker Rename

Wm Forum member need your valuable advice.

We are using WM 9.7 OS AIX with WM Broker where as broker,broker server.monitor is already configured with XYZ broker name so now there is slightly change in plan where as we need to change broker name but broker port will remain same

So My queries?

  • Do i need to delete existing broker and related broker directories and recreate BROKER from scratch ?
  • Do i need to delete only broker server and recreated OR delete broker monitor and recreate?

pretty much confuse pls share knowledge/ KB or and technical article which help to find work around ?

Hi Vinay,

There is no need to delete or uninstall/install anything in FileSystem when you are only planning to rename “Broker #1” to something else.

Just create the new Broker in MWS Messaging Admin and delete the old one afterwards.

Remember to reconfigure WmOptimize-Config and the Messaging-JNDI-, Messaging-JMS- and Broker-Settings in IS Admin as well as the Optimize Environment configuration in MWS admin.
When using Broker as a JMS-Provider you will have to reconfigure the Provider- and Connection-Factory settings too and recreate the Topics/Queues manually.

Restart IS and Optimize Engines after that.

Check that all clients get recreated after this.


Hi Holger/Team,

My requirement is renaming old broker name to new broker name, no change in broker port so pls validate below implementation steps looks good ?

  1. delete old broker entry from mws
  2. create new broker entry/name
    → restarted mws ?
  3. delete old broker name from IS admin console → messaging & rename to new broker name
  4. restart IS

Plsl validate

Hi Vinaj,

for fallback options I would prefer a slightly other order of steps:

Your suggestion:

Preferred one:

  1. create new broker entry/name (make it the Default Broker, otherwise the old one cannot be deleted aftwerwards)
  2. delete old broker name from IS admin console → messaging & rename to new broker name
  3. restart IS
  4. Check if there are still active connections to the old Broker (except the MWS messaging client)
  5. delete old broker entry from mws


Thanks Holger.

This work out very well :slight_smile: