Broker Queue Storage File Used percentage high

Hi All,

We are running on webMethods 7.1.2 version of webMethods having two IS in cluster and one acting as TN server.
All these three IS are connected to common broker server.

The issue is that the Broker Queue Storage file defined is of 10 GB out of which already 8 GB is consumed.
As per SoftwareAG, we can’t delete any queue storage file but since we have limited space of 11 GB allocated there is hardly any possibility for space increment.

This queue storage file should normally be free since all the documents coming in goes out but somehow it is occupying the space.
I have already checked any unwanted documents that were present in broker and removed them.
Also, removed all unwanted trigger queues as well and can’t see any document queued up anywhere.
Dead Letter queue has also been cleared for any unwanted documents.

I am not getting what is occupying the space in this queue storage and how to remove it and reclaim the free space.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


I think the problem is due to fragmentation, and broker server is not able to reclaim the space that is used already.

Can you check from MWS > Administration > Messaging > Broker Server > Utilization tab? It will show the total size and free size that is available.

I doubt if there is a way to defragment broker server storage. The only solution might be to increase existing storage or add additional storage .stor file.


Please check the real capacity of the broker storage as Senthil has suggested.

Unfortunately there is no way to reduce the file size of the broker data storage.

Is this a combined storage (old style) for configuration data and throughput data or are you already using the (recommended) new style storage (has been introduced with Broker 7.1.x), where the configuration data and the throughput data reside in 2 different storage files?

Broker Storage files (configuration data and throughput data) are alwaya created with a starting size and an allowed max size. Over the time when the throughput data does not fit into the existing storage file the file size increases for the amount required up to the allowed maximum size. When messages are removed from the Broker Queues the occupied space is cleared internally and will be available for new messages. But the filesize will not be reduced accordingly.

I dont think that it will be possible to change the allowed maximum size directly.
Preferably there should be an additional storage file added.

See Broker Installation and Administration Guide for details.


Thanks Senthil and Holger for the reply.

We are using two separate files for Configuration and Run-time data.
We have created two queue storage files in Run-time storage, one is allocated 9 GB and other 1 GB.
Already 7 GB is occupied in one file , just don’t know which all documents are stuck in that file.
There is no queued up documents that can be seen in MWS for any queue.
Also, Dead letter queue is also clean.


Just sorted the issue out.
WmLogUtil package was enabled in both servers which was not allowing queue storage to be cleared up.
Disabled WmLogUtil package in one of the cluster server and restarted both server worked for me.


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Great :slight_smile: Is it documented anywhere?

Hi Mahesh,

Not sure where this is documented but SoftwareAG has recommended when this system was designed.
Figured this out from their response only from earlier emails.


Thanks for sharing this information. Good day.