When I do a broke_ping -s Broker@host, I am returned a time in milliseconds.

  1. What does that time represent?
  2. assuming that I am doing the broker_ping on the server where the broker server exists and assuming that the broker queue resides on a SAN very close to the Broker server and I periodically (once a month or so) get high Broker ping numbers (greater than 10000 ms) what are some of the possible causes?

during this time of high ping returns, we get broker timeouts, growing Document stores etc.

Thanks for any insight you may have.

I’m surprised that the docs don’t mention what the returned time is. But if it follows what a regular ping does, then it would seem to be safe to assume that the time is how long it took for the client to receive the response.

The causes of high response times off the top of my head: 1) high traffic volume and/or large document(s); 2) network/fibre channel issues; 3) maintenance of some sort on the box.

./broker_ping -s localhost:6849
Unrecognized option: -s
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

How can I solve this issue?

What version of Broker are you using? This works with Broker 6.5.2. The -s parm just means “ping continuously at one second intervals”. You can accomplish the same thing by adding the -c count option where count is the number of times to ping.


Hello Mark:

Thanks for your help.
Broker Version 061605. neither the -c option is working, I am getting the same error than the -s.

root@440-20 # ./broker_ping -help
Usage: broker_ping [-h] [-?] [-s] [-c count] [-remote broker2]
[[–] [broker@]server[:port]] [-idhelp] [id_options]
-h show this usage help
-? show usage help for java command line options
-s ping continuously at one second intervals
-c count ping a certain number of times
-remote broker2 indirectly ping Broker2 via Broker. Broker2 is only
pingable if it is in the same territory as Broker or
there is a gateway to connect the territories of
Broker2 and Broker.
– allow Broker name to start with -
-idhelp show usage for id_options

Is a java runtime (jre) installed on this server and reachable from the command line?

Yes JRE is installed and reachable. Do I need to change or declare anything in the application or at OS level?.