Broker not getting up.

Hi guys , ive been trying to get the broker up just after installing the latest 8.2 version on unix platform.
I’m getting this error in the IS logs :-

2012-07-10 12:57:08 HKT [ISS.0098.0062E] BrokerPoller encountered Exception: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Unknown Broker Name (223-1460): No Broker by the name ‘SCBWMBroker’ was found on host ‘localhost:6849’.

Even the script S45broker82 is not starting the broker.

Suggest soon what can be done here …

Error indicates broker name is incorrect.

In the MWS did you specify the broker name correctly?..Can you check it there?


I see the Broker name is a bit different (caps casemismatch). I however dont seem to find any way to change the broker name.
Please tell me how do we do that.

You can delete/Add the name in the MWS–>Administrator–>Messaging–>Broker Servers

Please check it in the above path and explore: