Broker Not Configured

Hi iam using webmethods 6.5 version
i am getting one problem while configuring the broker with IS
i am not getting Broker Configure page while clicking on settings>Broker in IS
if i click on Broker it is displaying Broker Configuration Not Configured.
can any one please assist me to rectify this problem.
ScreenShot.doc (65.5 KB)

Looks like your “dispatch.cnf” file is corrupt in “/IntegrationServer/config” folder. Take a backup of that file and restart the server.

Hi Talha Khan,
Thanks for giving replay.
one thing i need to confirm from where can i take backup of the dispatch.cnf file.
i can see the file in IntegrationServer\config\backup but it is also same as in the IntegrationServer\config,
both file are 1KB only.
can i take the file from any another IS?
pls help me to resolve this.


Just take the backup(save it somewhere else other than “IntegrationServer\config\backup” folder incase anthing goes wrong and you need it again) of your current dispatch.cnf file which is in “IntegrationServer\config” folder and restart the server. IS will create a fresh copy of dispatch.cnf automatically.

took the backup of dispatcher.cnf file in a different folder and deleted that file from \IntegrationServer\config and restarted the IS but the issue is not resloved and dispatcher.cnf file showing 1KB only.
There is one more file in \IntegrationServer\config\backup\dispatcher.cnf,can we deleted that also?
or can you pls help me to resolve this