Broker Not Configured - Can't Edit Settings


I have installed 6.5 IS and Broker server at localhost and when try to connect the default Broker to the IS using the Admin page Settings > Broker > Edit menu, I can’t see the option to configure the broker. The page only displays ‘Not Configured’ and Save button. Please see the snapshot.

To resolve this issue, I have deleted the dispatch.cnf file from the IS/config folder and also tried to copy this file from one of newly installed IS but the file is overridden after restarts and contains only following lines.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

I also tried to play with the dsp pages and the service wm.server.dispatcher.adminui:setBrokerSettings but it fails. I have make sure that broker is up and running and also able to configured into the My webMethods server.

I have also installed the 7.1 Broker on same machine.

Do someone has inputs on this?