Broker migration from Physical Server to VM - High level activities

Hi Experts,

Could you please recommend on the high level activities involved when migrating Brokers running on Physical machine to VM. Also we use VCS for clustering Brokers currently, Is there SRM solution support for Broker ?

Thank you.

Which Broker version are you currently using?
What is the OS of the physical server and the planned VM?

As long as the OS is supported by SAG this should be possible in general.

Broker can have their own clustering when configured over MWS Messaging UI.
See Broker Administrators Guide for further informations.

See webMethods Requirements Guide for supported OS versions.


The usual upgrade steps apply whether you are moving to physical machine or virtual machines. Refer to following to get high level overview:

There are two A/P clustering guides for Broker. You can refer to those for your clustering need. Those guides describes steps at high level. On UNIX, Broker typically needs to plug into start/stop/status hooks of clustering software. On Windows, Broker services can be linked to Windows cluster.

SRM sounds like VM failover stuff. I don’t see any issues, as long as storage guarantee requirements are met.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for the reply. I went through the article.
Could you please help me on the below query. If we can use same hostname and port. And If we are using Broker as a JMS provider with Gateway setup. Will reuse old data directory approach work ? Or do we have to go for jmsadmin export/import approach.


Yes. Reuse old data directory approach will work in that case.