Broker Migration 10.5 to 10.15 : Relocate command not working-->[BRC.200.1235] Error: Cannot relocate the QS storage files


server_config relocate D:\SoftwareAG1015\Broker\data\awbrokers1015

Using Monitor configuration from “D:\SoftwareAG1015\Broker\bin

[BRC.200.1236] Error: Cannot update QS configuration file “D:\SoftwareAG1015\Broker\data\awbrokers1015\default

SIZE_MISMATCH(QS-19) Mapped file does not match the size of the original [file:D:\SoftwareAG1015\Broker\data\awbrokers1015\default\BrokerData.qs.stor](file:///D:/SoftwareAG1015/Broker/data/awbrokers1015/default/BrokerData.qs.stor) line:274
[BRC.200.1235] Error: Cannot relocate the QS storage files.

It is unable to relocate QS storage files as Mapped file does not match the size of the original.

Can any one help with this further?

Hi Yashraj,

are there any Fixes applied to Broker 10.15?

Can you provide us a directory listing of the data directory (incl. sub dirs) of the affected Broker Server(s)?

Is the Broker Server still running?
If so, it is neccessary to stop this service while relocating.


Not sure about the goal here. AFAIK broker is not receiving any updates since version 9.6. You shouldn’t need a migration since they are practically the same product (v10.15 and 10.5 and also 9.6). Is there a reason why you aren’t migrating to Universal Messaging Server instead?

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Hi Holger,

We’ve applied fixes at that time of installation together. Attaching audit log file of installed fixes.

Also, attaching screenshot of directory listing of data directory.

Basically, We’ve copied BrokerConfig.qs, BrokerConfig.qs.text, BrokerConfig.qs.stor, BrokerData.qs, BrokerData.qs.text, BrokerData.qs.stor files from 10.5 to 10.15 directory and we are updating current 10.15 directory in BrokerConfig.qs and BrokerData.qs through relocate command.

It worked in other in our few broker migration. But in this case, BrokerData.qs.stor is extended upto 2 GB almost which is causing issue for relocation.

Also, We’ve stopped broker server before relocating.

Can you please help further in this?

audit.log (3.9 KB)
Broker storage SS

Hi Yashraj,

we have never used the relocate command during migrations.
Whenever we had to build up new environments for upgrading to newer versions we have installed and configured these from scratch while only migrating custom logic.


Error suggests the actual file size does not match the recorded file size.
Find the actual file size of BrokerData.qs.stor is source data directory and target data directory. Also, find the recorded file size by running command “server_config storage -list” in the source data directory to find out what is the file size Broker is expecting.

Hi Yashraj

Did you able to resolve the issue? I’m also facing same issue with 4GB file, looking for a resolution.

Hi Guruprasad,
This issue is reported to Software AG R&D. Proper resolution (if any) in product should be to avoid the issue in first place, or fix the issue using server_qsck. You can try the workaround of increasing the reserve file size which increases the file size on disk and update the recorded file size without any check. This makes the size consistent.

After identifying the problematic store files, say BrokerData.qs.stor.
Try these steps in 10.5 (source environment):

  1. Use “server_config storage -list” to find the recorded file size. Lets say max size is 4 GB and reserve size is 2 GB.
  2. Use “ls -l” to find the actual file size, say actual size is 2.1 GB.
  3. Use “server_config storage” to increase the reserve size to 2.2 GB.
  4. Repeat command in step 1 and 2, now reported reserve size as well as actual file size on disk should be equal 2.2 GB.

Sample command for step 3:
server_config storage D:\SoftwareAG\Broker\data\awbrokers105\default -session_data qs -qs_storage_file D:\SoftwareAG\Broker\data\awbrokers105\default\BrokerData.qs.stor 4G 2.2G