Broker Metadata Backup

Hi All,
How can i take all the metadata like (broker documents, clients,…etc ) from broker ?
C:\webMethods71\Broker\bin\server_conf_backup.exe. shall we get the back by using server_conf_backup.exe ?
if it is possible, where the date will save in our local disk?

Please guide me how to take a backup from Broker.


Refer to the Broker server documentation.

Broker server will need to be shutdown when taking the backup.

Thanks for your guidance.

I have tried to take a back of metadata while server is in down, but it throws Connection refused Exception.
And i have tried when the server is in running mode, it is creating the empty .zip file with 3.48MB.

I have given command like ,C:\webMethods71\Broker\bin>server_conf_backup.exe C:\Repo1\Broker\backup2 -h

currect me if i am wrong.


Export of broker metadata is described in Chapter 16. Export and Import of Broker Metadata. You can either use my webMethods for a graphical gui or the command line utilities. Broker server must be UP for exporting the metadata. The export utilities talk to broker server to get the definitions. They do not acces the files directly. It should be down only for backing up the storage files for recovery purposes, as otherwise a consistent state is not guaranteed (But as you loose data when going back to such a backup it is not the best way for reliability anyway, but that’s another discussion).

The metadate do only containg definitions of clients, client groups and document types, not document data, but I assume this is mentioned when talking about metadata.

You should test importing the metadata into an empty broker, due to my experience this is not always working for big definitions. The command line utitilities are more robust here as the my webMethods Gui.



Great clarifications.

My comment about the broker server needing to be down was for backing up the data files for recovery purposes. Sorry I didn’t mention that explicitly.