Broker memory

Hi All,

Currently I have broker setting as follows,

Broker Log files : 32M
Broker Storage files : 512M and 64M

Most of the times, my brokers log files are reaching the size 33,544,944.

When i check in resource utilization in MWS, i can see

BrokerData.qs.stor : 8%(Used)
Broker.qs.stor : 2%(Used)
virtual memory : 25%(used)

Broker takes the data from log files and puts it in storage files.

How often it does it??

Is there something needs to be done (like broker to be restarted) for that data transfer to take place.

Also what can be done to prevent my log files reaching the maximum??

If you see any issues with the logs/memory You can increase the Broker storage memory and additional data storage files any time up to 32GB storage.

Currently do you see any issues in the performance or errors in your IS logs?

example command would be:

./server_config storage /wm1/BrokerData/ -session_data qs -qs_storage_file /wm1/BrokerData/BrokerData2.qs.stor 5G 100M


Thanks for your reply RMG.

Errors are ‘Broker doesnt have enough memory’.

I would like to know how this transfer of data from log files to storage files occur and how often.

In my case, the storage files have more space left but this transfer from log files to the storage files for some reason has not happened.

Also will setting up this property ‘queue-cleanup-enable=1’ help in minimising the memory issues??

Not sure how often that transfer happens but periodically in the back ground.

What is your Broker version and any core fixes?

When this errors happen are you seeing any high CPU and Memory usage in your production Broker Server?


My broker version is 8.2 and no core fixes.

This is our testing environment and im not sure how my server is behaving at those times


Broker ver now is 8.2.3 and better you to upgrade to SP3.

Also please touch base with SAG support on this issue and they seem about to release BR_SP3_Core Fix3 for high CPU usage occasions.

A general note BR is always tough to handle in configurations,trouble shooting etc…


Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Hope BR_SP3_Core Fix3 works fine.


you bet…

Pl let the forum know what SAG support’s out come on this issue: