Broker is getting down very frequently

Suddenly we faces this issue that Broker is getting down very frequently.Even after restarting the broker server all the documents are piling up in outbound document store.

pls help us on this…

What is your webMethods verson and broker version? Is it a prod environment?

See if WmLogUtil package is enabled?

Any errors from broker/IS logs will help you to assist better


IS - 9.5
Broker - 9.5

It is DEV Env.
WmLogUtil package is also enable.

what could be the reasons that broker is disconnecting very frequently?


Disable WmLogUtil see it resolves your issue.

There could be many reasons for broker to disconnect like network issues/installation issues. From when are you facing this issue.

Share me the logs. Without logs it is difficult to identify the issue.


There might not be ant installation issue.

For last 3-4 days only we are facing this issue.

Shall I disable the package and no need to restart the broker server or IS??


Disable the WmLogUtil package and reboot broker and if required IS.

Hi Biplab,

If its not your prod environment, delete everything in db folder in IntegrationServer. It should rebuild all files.


Hello Saha,

As Mahesh suggested, Disable theWmLogUtil package on Integration Server.

Then also unchecked the Document Type logging in My webMethods Server, navigate to
Administration > Messaging > Broker Servers >Brokers .

Shahbaz Khan