Broker installation issue

Dear All,

I’m trying to install Broker on windows XP V 2002, and while installing all go well. However post installation when I go and see the services for broker, I can only see broker monitor service running. Ideally we should have 2 services register as part of broker installation on windows, each for monitor and server. I got only for monitor running on port 6850… when I go and check the content of awbrokermon.cfg in my Installation directory it contains single line as monitor-port=6850 , nothing else.

Tried uninstalling and installing without any luck … have also played around changing the monitor port while installing without any luck again…

When I try to create with broker_create .exe, I am getting below error

Any help/ guidance will be appreciated


What Broker version are you trying to install and stuck with?


Thanks RMG!

Re-installation fixed the issue …