Broker installation in Red Hat4 AS

Hi all,
I have a question about broker installation in Red Hat4 AS. I am using webMethods7 to install all the components. However, when I used Installer7.0 to install the “Broker and JMS 6.5.2”, the box “Program Files (Unsupported)” is turned in red color.
The error statement is “Installation of the webMethods Broker on this platform is not supported. The C++ runtime libraries required by the webMethods Broker are missing or incomplete.” :confused:
Can anyone help on this problem? I just guess that the RedHat4 AS doesn’t have the required C++ libraries. Do I need to re-install the C++ libraries that can support the WM7’s broker? What kind of C++ libraries I need to install?
I wil appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.

Did you read the RHEL-specific installation instructions in the webMethods Installation Guide 6.5.2 or search on Advantage? I belive there are C++ compatabilty libraries that you need to get through RPMs.