Broker High Availability

The GEAR white paper mentions about a document “webMethods Broker High Availability Option Sun Cluster Edition – Installation Guide” for step by step process of configuring the broker for haigh availability. But I could not locate the same in advantage site. Has anyone used this ever. If yes please let me know the location of the document (OR direct me how to do this).

Thanks for the help


You sould check with wm-support on this doc.

Ashok, I have used this document at a previous company. We used the document to setup high availability for webMethods 5.0.1. broker servers in a Sun Solaris environment.
I don’t have it anymore.

As Mike suggests…contact webMethods support or your webMethods rep to get the doc.



Ashok all HA documentation is availabvle only from WM Professional Services. In order to have WM support your HA installation you need to have PS consultant at least to review the setup. PS will provide you with all the HA docs you will need. Otherwise WM Tech suport cannot support your HA installation

Speaking of High Availability documents, can WM support assist in creating a high availability environment for an XPI (JDE-PSFT-Oracle now) installation?

I’m basing my work for the high availability setup on the GEAR documents, but I still have questions. I cannot find any information concerning HA on the PeopleSoft Customer Connect site…

Matthias, I am working in a combined webMethods / JDE XPI environment right now. The high availability concepts are the same because the xpi components are basically wM Broker or Integration server components.

As Igor mentions above you can always get someone from webMethods to give their blessing to your setup. I’m not sure if wM support is the right group to answer your questions on HA, but they should be able to pass your questions on to their architecture team.