Broker Hello World

I am trying to create a HelloWorld application using Public/Subcribe from Software AG Designer. However, I do not which type of project I should create and steps to do.

(I read webMethods “Broker Messaging Programming Guide” and “Public Subscribe Programming Guide”, but I still do not know where to start)

Can you please help me on this? a very basic steps to start to code something

Here are the basic steps,

1> Make sure your IS (Integration Server) is connected to the Broker Server (already running), you can verify by going through "Settings > Messaging > webMethods Messaging Settings" on your IS

2> Log in to the SAG designer connecting to your IS, create a IS package, folder. Refer the below link

3> Create an IS document, make it publishable, sync to broker, create a trigger service and trigger (reference the publishable document and the trigger service)

4> Run the publishable document or you can creata another service which publishes the same document via the service "pub.publish:publish"

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Thank you for the guide. I completed all steps.
How can I start to write some code for this using Software AG Designer? (type of project, configuration, etc)

Here is the Demo Sample Package, import the same by putting it in \IntegrationServer\replicate\inbound\ and go to "Packages > Management > Install Inbound Releases" install it on your IS.

Once you have the setup ready, sync the document "PubSubDemoBroker:pubDoc" to Broker by right click "Sync Document Type", Run the PubSubDemoBroker:publisher service and check the server.log the message would be subscribed and written to the log.

Start reading the documents and try implementing them practically. Good luck! (11.4 KB)