Broker gets disconnected

Hi we see the issue with broker.
Broker gets disconnected. The Broker monitor runs not the Broker server.
Broker Failure (100-2015): The operation failed because the Broker does not have enough storage to process the request. Alert your administrator
We find sometimes the Document store size in servers as high and it makes the server slow.
1. Till now the broker disconnection causes problem in Document store.
2. We have enough space , and still we get storage errors.

Please help us in throwing some light as how to investigate and what needs to be checked / monitored.


The Broker Server has a max storage size that it will use, configured when Broker Server was setup. It will not automatically grow. You can increase the max size. Refer to the docs.

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the info, but the strange thing happening is though we have enough storage space, we are getting storage errors.


Where are you reviewing the available storage space?

Hi ,
We could see the free size from utilization option of MWS - > Broker servers - > utilization .

When the restart of the server happens, the documents ( around 200 docs )in broker queue are getting deleted and this is not happening everytime we restart the server.
Even if we don’t restart the server , there is doc loss but its around 2/3 docs.
We are unable to understand where can be the issue.The subscriber has not subscribed the docs and the documents are not in queue
Please help us as how to investigate and what needs to be taken care.


It’s probably best to contact support.