Broker fails to publish

Hi all,

I have created a basic adapter notification which publishes the associated doc type in to the local Broker in case of a insert in to the concerned table.

The message i am getting in the server log is

[ART.0116.3505V1] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Document publish for Notification:BasicNotification
ID:94f7454a36bc6d231127a399304 with MsgId:Sthita.
[ISS.0098.0051V2] DefaultProducer sending document to Broker.
[ART.0116.3504V1] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Execution finish for Notification:BasicNotification
[ART.0116.3507V1] Adapter Runtime (Notification): useConnection Connection:null for Notification
ge:mybasic UUID:94f7454a36bc6d231127a399304.
[ADA.0001.0104V1] Commit local transaction.

But the problem is the trigger configured on this publishable document is not firing as the service it calls is not running.
I am not sure whether the document is published or not.

Can anybody help .
thnx in advance