Broker Envelope Details


I am looking for some information concerning the Broker.

Specifically what I want to know is what are the meaning of the _env (envelope) fields in a Pub/Sub operation.

What I am looking for is a way to “recognize” the SENDER (Publisher) in the RECEIVER (Subscriber) code.

Also any document that “documents” those envelope fields would also be helpful.

Many thanks,


Kristopher – Kindly go through BIS guide to understand above the required ones in detail. Please let us know if you see any challenges.


Just in case you aren’t familiar with the lingo yet, BIS is the Integration Server Built-in Services guide. In that guide, look for pub.publish:envelope. The pubId field is likely what you want.

Just be careful with how you use this information because, as you are probably aware, one of the key advantages of a pub/sub solution is the decoupling of publishers and subscribers. If you have code on the subscriber side that is specific to certain publishers, it kind of defeats the purpose.