Broker Envelope Details

Hello this might not be the 100% correct forum - but I am looking for some information concerning the Broker.

Specifically what I want to know is what are the meaning of the _env (envelope) fields in a Pub/Sub operation.

What I am looking for is a way to “recognize” the SENDER (Publisher) in the RECEIVER (Subscriber) code.

Also any document that “documents” those envelope fields would also be helpful.

Many thanks,


Kristopher – Replied to this question on other thread of your’s, please go through.


Hi Kristopher,

Each published document includes an envelope. The envelope is much like a header in an email message. The envelope records information such as the sender’s address, the time the document was sent, sequence numbers, and other useful information for routing and control. The document envelope contains read/write fields as well as read-only fields.
you can refer document for more information Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide and about the fields in the document envelope, see the description of the pub.publish envelope document type in the webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference.