Broker doesbnt have enough storageMeaning of Reserved Storage

Hi all,

we have got the following problem:

We are trying to publish a certain amount of documents when then following exception is thrown:

[ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Broker Failure (100-2015): The operation failed because the Broker does not have enough storage to process the request. Alert your administrator.

If we are trying to publish more documents to the Broker the publishing fails with this message.

The problem seems to be that the Broker reserved storage has reached 100%.
But used storage is only at 2%

Q: Does anybody know the meaning of “Reserved Storage” ?
Q: Does anybody know what to do to be able to publish documents again ?

Last time we deleted the whole BrokerServer together with the Storage files, but thats not a proper solution.

Is it a webMethods bug that reserved space is so huge and not automatically shrinking again ?

Info about Storage properties:

Session URL qs://C:\Programme\webMethods6\Broker\data\awbrokers60\default\Broker.qs
Session Usage Config (Broker Servers, Territories, Brokers, Doc Types, Stats) & Data (Client Queues, Documents, Logs)
Total Storage
Max. Available 524288 KB 100%
Used 8155 KB 2%
Reserved 524288 KB 100%
Max. Transaction Size 32768 KB

Storage File C:\Programme\webMethods6\Broker\data\awbrokers60\default\Broker.qs.stor
Max. Available 524288 KB 100%
Used 8155 KB 2%
Reserved 524288 KB 100%

Thanks for your help.