Broker Docs

Hi Friends,

Warm Greetings to evry1!!!:slight_smile:
Am new to our wMUsers, though i created my id long back.

Now am in need of any materials/docs/pdfs related to BROKER and concepts, which will help me to gain knowledge.

If any1 can help me sending the materials, it wud be really helpful.


Ponmalar R


You can download all the documents from

  1. Login into
  2. In the Menu–>Bookself–>Product Documentation–> Broker
  3. … Here you can find all the documentation related to Broker

In anticipation of what seems to be a typical respones of late to the “get the docs from Advantage” advice, I’d offer this:

  1. If you don’t have access to Advantage, you should sign up for an account.

  2. Noone here can send you documentation. Only wM can distribute their docs.