Broker data storage grow after restart


we can’t explain the fact that after reboot of webmethod broker, the storage increase, how can resolve this problem without increase the size of disk, because it’s the second time in 5 month that we do that



There is no such precaution on this aspect but more on how user plan for broker doc publish load. there is a feature in broker to automatically extend the storage space when it is overflow (but it still subject to the disk space allocation for the drive). 

 I can suggest you, Please monitor your system Broker Server Document publish traffic during business hours and calculate how much Broker documents are usually being published. This may help you out to calculate how much memory is sufficient during normail business hours. Based on that you can increase your broker server storage. If you are not in a position to calculate the documents size, You can use Automaticall increase Broker storage option.. It will increase up to 32GB which will subject to your file system space. 

If the operating system begins paging documents to virtual memory, the performance of the Broker Server drops significantly. Extreme out