Broker Configuration

Does any body know which file contains the broker configuration???
I am using a cluster. Everything was fine until i changed the IP addresses of both the clusters. Now, the broker is running but when i start the integration server, it picks up the old IP address. Why is it so ??? From which configuration file i can change this IP address of broker??? Does any body know???\

Any help will be highly appreciated.

You can’t change the ip address of the broker, it binds to the first real address as defined at the OS level. You Integration Server connects to the broker, you change this connection info via the IS Server Admin panel, Server/Settings/Broker. Put you new address there, I would use a hostname instead of a real ip address, esp if you are hardware clustering the broker. You can also change it in the …/IntegrationServer/config/dispatch.cnf.



Im very new to wm,:confused: I have WM 6.5 on my laptop and have only one IS.
I have similar error as this guy, I entered the parameters,went through documentation etc, still couldnt make my IS connect to Broker, and
getting the same “Broker push not performing”.

parameters I gave are :
Broker Host:mycomputername:port(i tried5555 and 6849 none workd)
Broker name:Broker name
Client Group:IntegrationServer
Client Prefix gW7mjOaldvZvq2IZ
Use SSL No Connected No I checked Broker Monitor and Broker server : They are running.
when I logged in wmbroker admin page,
it has following message:
Name Connected Status Connections Description Version SAG Yes 1 - 122005 SP2 SAG:5555 In Progress - - - -
Shuld i try changing BROKER licence key, donno even where to change it though. vry confusd…
Any help will be greatly appreciated,