broker configuration parameters

whenever i opened the admin page,when i click on the broker under settings tab,it just shows broker not configured,and when i click on edit broker settings it shows not configured option only i didn’t find any configuration parametes like host name,broker name,use ssl etc…,even if i open WmBrokerAdmin page,it shows broker server is connected and the broker in that broker server is InProgress.can any one tell what is problem.

An IS instance can be configured, via the Broker settings, to connect to a single Broker. This Broker is the Broker used by the integrations hosted on that IS instance.

Separately, the WmBrokerAdmin can be used to view and configure any Broker anywhere. This facility is not related to the IS Broker configuration found under IS Administrator.

I recall someone else having this issue about not being able to configure the IS with a Broker. Within the last couple of months. A search of the forums for should reveal the issue and the solution.

ok thanks reamon,please reply about the issue

Are you thinking that I am going to do the search? My suggestion was that you do the search. If you are unable to find the appropriate thread, please let us know.

There is an issue with the Configuration of Broker
i click setup->monitored broker server

in the install directory:path whr broker is installed ie webmethods\broker
install data directory:path whr broker data dir is installed ie webmethods\broker\data

after that it gives an error:

failed to connect to broker server
ERROR:wbm2006 Error connecting to server
Unable to open connection to host:Computer name Exception,Connection refused
Connect was reported by the socket call
Error getting broker list
Java.lang.nullpointer Exception

Does anyone know the solution for this?
Thanks in advance

Connection refused typically means you have the right server, but nothing is listening on the port you’re connecting to.

Verify that Broker Server is running and using the expected port.

Verify that the IS config is using the correct port.