Broker Client Connection Pooling

Hi Folks,

I am new to WM. I am wondering, is there any JCA adapter for web broker
client so I donot have to manage connections to the broker. It is time
consuming to often connect and disconnect to the broker server (it is
TCP/IP sockets, am i right?). JDBC uses has the similar problem, now in
verions 2.0, we can configure JDBC resource and uses JNDI to get the connection. J2EE application server takes care of the connection management.

I am working on a J2EE project, it communicates with the enterprise server 5.x broker server. To manage the connections, I need to write code and also some
error handling for shutdown procedure and create my own java
thread to manage it. It is going to be a little bit nasty in a J2EE
application. Actually J2EE spec does not recommend to spawn new java


Have you checked into using the EJB adapter?

Hi Rob,

I meant WM broker client. I need to access WM through WebSphere not in reverse direction. I do have EJB Adapter running to access EJBs hosted
on WebSphere. It is not an issue for that. Web applications need to server users to access WM broker at the same time, a resource pooling is
a MUST for performance reason. however there is no support to do that.

Data flow:

WEB BROWSER ==> WEB SERVER ==> J2EE APP SERVER ==> WM BROKER CLIENT ==> WM ENTERPRISE SERVER (BROKERs - multiple brokers) ==> database, CRM, etc…(adapters).

if I take out WM using JDBC to access database, I could use J2EE app server resource manager to manage the connection pool to database. Now
using WM broker client, I can not use it, there is no resource manager on the broker client side.


I believe the EJB adapter comes with docs and samples for creating EJBs that can communicate with Enterprise (EJB to broker). I think one of the lessons in the tutorial doc covers this.