Broker as JMS Provider

Hi friends,

I am working on a project where I need to integrate 7.1 IS with 9.7 IS/TN. The client is actually replacing a webSphere system with 9.7 version of webMethods.

In the current design, the 7.1 IS is basically exchanging data with webSphere using JMS connection/triggers. Now, As they are replacing the webSphere system, we would like to follow the same approach. I am exploring “Broker as JMS provider” concept. So, I am guessing that the same connection details have to be setup on the 9.7 IS in MWS.( by using the same binding file that 7.1 file is using? )

Can you please clarify my doubt.

Thank you

Hi Kumar,

you can try to import the bindings file into the Broker JMS section.

I would prefer to switch to the WmJMSNaming JNDI Provider from SAG as this reduces the chances for configuration errors when exchanging the binding file with the partner.

please take a look at the Broker_Messaging_Programmers_Guide for details.