Broker as a JMS provider

Now i am working on webMethods 6.5, we are using Broker as a JMS provider and weblogic is publishing the messages.So, my question is how i can communicate WLogic to WMethods,webMthds to WL;
What are the steps i need to consider?

I tried to grasp from documents but i a not able to perform the things,
Please if any body experienced with this type of task please give me the steps to approach the above task.

Let’s not cross post. The BrokerJMSProviderProgrammersGuide explains how to do this. See the section on Application Server Support and BEA. In a nutshell you will need to configure weblogic to use the webMethods broker as a foreign JMS provider. This requires copying over some broker jars files and setting some configuration settings in weblogic. The doc explains in more detail but its pretty straight forward. If you have problems please post specific error messages.


Dear Mark,
I placed jms.jar,wmbrokerclient.jar,wmjmsclient.jar files into weblogic web-inf\lib folder and also JNDI specifications in the JMS Broker in the BrokerJMS admin. Only this i have to do for communicating with weblogic to webmethods or any other things i need to perform to communicate WL to WM.How can i test this connection is success or not.

I am working on windows environment.

Please tell me if any thing i missed.
Thank you very much for your reply.

Hi Mark,

I need to communicate from weblogic 8.1 to webmethods 6.5 with Bridge connection or any other way i need to perform.

Thank you.

Hi Mark,
I don’t have much knowledge about weblogic…i need to communicate with weblogic to Broker JMS Provider,

Mainly project deals:

I will get messages(using Broker as a JMS Provider ) from weblogic client, I need to validate that massages through Modeler and than i need to perform webservices routing to application server.

Q1) what are the steps involved in this case
Q2) how can i perform communication between weblogic to webmethods.
Q3) what type of messages Broker can receive and after how can i process
Please guide me , i am new for this type of task.

It is grate helpful for me if anybody can guide me.

Thank you and have a nice day

You are going to need the JMS Adapter on the webMethods Integration Server side. That will get the messages into and out of the queues for you. It will convert between JMS specific formats and Broker specific formats. It’s very easy to use and works a lot like the JDBC adapter as far as setup. Once you have it out of the JMS format you can work with it just like any other document.

On the weblogic side you are probably going to need a MDB to listen for JMS messages on the webMethods Broker. It is fairly ease to code and weblogic has numerous examples on how to do this. Once the MDB has it, you can invoke whatever weblogic component you need to ie an EJB, or even a pojo service.


Dear Mark,
First i need to setup the connections, but thing is in webmethodsJMS Provider programming guide provides me only one wmjmsclient.jar file and selected JNDI provider should be placed in the weblogic class path.

Only one .jar file is enough to communicate with webmethods.

Thank you,

You’ll need the wmjmsclient.jar, wmbrokerclient.jar and the wmjmsnaming.jar for the BEA side.


Dear Mark,
One good question for you,why do we need client side JNDI details for webmethods JMS provider.

In our case weblogic is sending messages to webmethods JMS provider.webMethods does it really need JNDI details of client(in this case weblogic is client).If you want to process the Q also we really need to know the JNDI provider for the JMS adapter.

Why do we need JNDI details for this job?

Thank you

You will need the webMethods JNDI provider for both webMethods and weblogic . They will need to bind to the same JNDI provider. You can configure weblogic to use both its on internal provider and have its objects use that and then you can configure the foreign provider as webMethods, you will still need the jndi files. I believe weblogic provides a bridge function so that the local objects will use what appears to them as a local provider but weblogic is really connecting to webMethods. Of course you don’t have to use the bridge function, you can have the objects connect directly to webmethods. Either way you are going to need the jndi jar from webMethods.

When you create queue objects and connectionfactory in webMethods, it has to be bound to a jndi provider. Anyone that is going to access those queues will need to bind to that jndi provider including webMethods and weblogic. You can use the built in jndi provider that webMethods provides, you can use a file based one that Sun provides or you can use ldap. Whatever your choice both systems will have to use it to connect to those queues.


Has anyone used JMS Adapter against Broker JMS ? I am getting some sort of an IDataportable object when I get data. Is there a specific way, JMS Adapter can be used against JMS Broker 6.5?

Hi chirag,
yes u can use, who is the for Broker JNS Provider.I am trying the same case like you,i found some difficulties normally webmethods JMS provider will support only SP4 for weblogic.Just check once with client SP4 and also you need have JNDI details uniquely with client.Just now only i trying to solve the things, If you find any solution please post to wmusers.
thank you,

Dear Mark,
WM JNDI provider wont support in the production environment it is specified in the document.So, how can we will pass the JNDI details to the client.
Thank you


The IS JMS Adapter can use the Weblogic JNDI provider to look up the queues and topics from which it will consume or to which it will publish messages.

Since you want to use BrokerJMS as the JMS provider, you need to register its queues or topics in some JNDI provider. The webMethods naming provider persists the metadata about queue and topic definitions across reboots. You can register the BrokerJMS hosted queues and topics in the Weblogic JNDI directory, but you will need to create business logic to re-register them on server restart.

I am personally comfortable with using the webMethods JNDI in production as long as the number of topics or queues is not too large. I’d rather have that dependency than have to create logic to re-register the BrokerJMS objects each time a WL server is restarted.


I agree with Mark C, the webMethods jndi provider works well. I’ve also used the Sun file based provider, no problems with it either. Weblogic does have a mechanism where you can use both the built-in weblogic jndi provider and the webMethods provider. Your MDB’s in weblogic will appear to be looking up queues/topics in weblogic using the weblogic provider. But the bridging feature will actually have you pointing to webMethods. We have been using this without issue as well. The weblogic docs will give you the details on setting that up.


Thank you Mark C/Mark G,
I very happy with your answers.But i am sorry to say that i finally observed our weblogic is supporting SP3, but webmethods BrokerJMS provider will support only SP4(as per documentation),It will gives problem or It does’t matter.
BrokerJMS provider will support JMS1.1 specifications and also weblogic JMS supports JMS1.1 specifications.

my question is when specifications match SP gives us any problem?

In my environment JNDI is linked up with lot of stuff, also it is not in the clustered and also don’t have any load balancer, so they are worrying about providing the JNDI details to webMethods?Is it really gives any effect in future?

How can i add all these JNDI lookups to webMethods?it is more than 10 instance available.

If they don’t like to provide JNDI details what is the solution in front of me?

my idea is save data in DB , from there we can use JDBC adapter and process the there any other solution with out effecting?

Thank you very much for idea of “wmusers”


Given the issues you listed with the Weblogic service pack level, the J2EE team’s reluctance to have you use their JNDI and lack of cluster / load balancer for WLS, I think you have a perfect case for simply using the webMethods naming provider.

I would much rather use that solution that cobble together something in a database.


Has anyone got Broker JMS working with SAP JNDI Adapter?

we see this as a possible replacment for the clunky IDOC Adapter.


Here is as far as we have got.

hi frds ,

i am new to webmethods .how to uses ftpserver in webmethods.
plz any one can tell for ftpserver in webmethods.plzzzzzz.

thanks and regards