Broker API or JMS API?


We are using the IS6.1 and Broker6.1, and now we want to develop a Broker Client using Java to communicate with the IS go through Broker. So which API I should chose, Broker API or JMS API? And what is the main difference between them, and what is the concern to chose it? And would you please share your experience on this? Thanks a lot in advance.

For 6.1, I’d stick to the Broker API - it is more straightforward and you’ve got quite a few Broker versions ahead of you before you need to worry about the Broker API not working for you.

For that matter, I’d choose the Broker API over the IS API for many activities.

Before commenting on whether to use Broker API or JMS API, I’d ask about the nature of the integration and what it needs to do. It may be that Broker doesn’t need to be involved at all. I’d also inquire as to the overall integration architecture and strategy.

Thanks reamon,
We have 2 ISs and Brokers run in a cluster as our Integration platform, and now we Java applications need to communicate with each other. So we want to these Java applications to communicate with Broker directly for better performance.

Thanks for the additional info but it is still not enough for me to make any judgement call. Performance is not a reason to use Broker, IMO. If performance is the only criteria, then the Java apps should talk directly to each other.

An assessment of which approaches are good candidates would need to have at least a high level understanding of the interaction between the two applications.

What is the role of the IS instances in the platform? Are there reasons other than perceived performance for going directly to the Broker? What were the reasons for having Broker in the picture?

P.S. Ah, I see from another thread that you’ve already decided on an approach. Best wishes!

Thanks reamon.
We are using the Broker as the message bus and queue system for the communication between our ISs. And now, we are using the IS as the gateway to connect our applications. We will receive the message from applications1 go through HTTP,SOAP or any other protocals on IS1, then publish it to Broker, then trigger the processing service and send the message to application2 go through HTTP,SOAP or any other protocals on IS2. And now, we hope to connect the applications using Broker directly instead of using the IS as the gateway. Hope this will describe my idea clear. Thanks a lot.