Broker API _env field problem

Hi, I hope I explain this well enough. We are using WM 6.0.1

We have a java client that subscribes to a BrokerEvent. Inturn, the client then publishes a new BrokerEvent of the same time. We are using a Java Class to populate the Broker Event. We can publish the event without trouble, but we get an error on the IS server which reads as follows:

2004-11-23 13:24:10 EST [ISS.0106.0009D] Missing activation in envelope for document type: <document>

We can’t help but think we are going about creating the BrokerEvent the wrong way. I didn’t think the _env field needed to be manipulated/created.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Paul,

The reason that IS complains about a missing ActivationId, is because the trigger (rather the condition on your trigger) that handles your BrokerEvent (Publishable Document, in IS terms), subscribes to more than one document type.
Here comes the ‘Join Type’ (AND, OR, XOR) into play. Read all about it
in “Building_Integration_Solutions_Using_Publication.pdf”.
Your solution is to either change your trigger (one document type per condition) or provide a unique ActivationId in the _env.activation field on your BrokerEvent.