Broker 9.7 Issue


I need a kind suggestion or work around on issue I am facing with Broker configured in 8.2 and wM 9.7 versions.

  1. uninstalled WM 8.2 :-

How to uninstalled WM 8.2 version I can see all components are available in Start Menu →
But I don’t see installation details under Control Panel → Uninstalled or change a program
[I am the admin of Window system] Is there any uninstallation script or software to remove this ?

  1. Broker Issue details :-

A Year back I have installed wM 8.2 IS+Broker+MWS with Broker port 6849 and almost all components are working fine as of now then recently again
I have installed very new instance of WM 9.7 IS+Broker+MWS with Broker port 6849 now I want to know if i remove/uninstalled wM 8.2 almost all components then at same time will Broker 6849 also get removed ?
IF Yes then how to handle this broker Issue as i can see both the instances are using same broker port?
What will be your suggestion or work around any way i have to removed WM 8.2 instance soon.

Find the service page of my system


I am not really understood your question. Do you mean to say though you un-installed wM8x version still broker port 6849 in use which is interrupting 9x Broker. If yes, i am not agreeing to your statement.

If you still have the same observation then 9X broker you can point to some other port number which is quite compatible. Kindly let me know your observations


I guess I have the answer for your queries.

If you uninstall wM 8.2 except broker you can still use it on wM 9.7 the same broker which is was on wM8.2. Make sure you do not install the broker again on wM9.7


Uninstall wM 8.2 completely and install wM 9.7 fully (including broker). Make sure you take the packages backup from wM 8.2 before you uninstall.

I am sure I did not confuse you :slight_smile:


Sorry for confusion :slight_smile:

Aside Mahesh,
Thanks for Soln but unfortunately I know the process suggested by you :smiley:

Pls let me know what is the work around for below issue.

  1. How to uninstalled WM 8.2X Instance whereas [In Window I don’t see any software entry in my system → control panel → Uninstalled or change a program for Wm8.2X ?]

  2. My both Instance’s WM 9.7 and 8.2 using same Broker port (6849) that was my mistake while doing installation BUT off course it’s not possible to run both instances parallely with same broker by using same broker port.

Question Here Is there any way i can installed only Broker for WM 9.7 freshly OR Change broker port without disturbing existing Broker port (6849)

My Plan is to keep existing Broker Port(6849) for WM 8.2 Instance and Go for new broker port(6850) or xyz for WM 9.7 instance.

Thanks again for answering my queries :slight_smile: