Broker 60 and Port 6849

I installed and uninstalled webMethods v6.0.1 on Win2k. Upon reinstalling the broker, I was not allowed to install the broker on the default port of 6849 (the installer complained that the port was already reserved for another process, along with a couple of adjacent ports). The WM components were cleaned up by the uninstall, and the services were removed. Anybody know where the port information that is troubling the installer is stored and how to clean it up?

Dave Matlock

Hi Dave,

   did you stopped service webmethodsBrokerMonitor6.0 in  

controlpanel—>services ??? when ever you are you reinstalling
server you have to stop services then uninstall.I think your
Broker component is not uninstalled.Make sure.


Thanks for your response, Srinik.

I stopped the broker and the broker monitor before the uninstall. The services were deleted from the registry (at least they are no longer listed in the services list). There must be some other port info stored somewhere…

Hi, Dave.

Look through your registry and directory structure for folders beginning with “activesw” or “aw”. If you are certain the files pertain to the webMethods Broker, delete them.

Restart your system when finished and you should be ready to roll.

Hi Dave,

   BrokerServer information we can look from webMethds Admin 

browser.You can see from settings—>Broker you can get default
settings of Broker.Then you can able to see Broker servers from
WmBrokerAdmin main page.Config file you cal able to see in webmethods60