Bridge Universal Messaging with JBoss EAP7


We want to integrate the universal messaging broker of our customer in the new JBoss EAP7 integration server. Therefore we want to set up a MDB that listen on a queue hosted in universal messaging. I have found an older article which describes how to set up an adapter for universal messaging in JBoss EAP 6.1.
it is here (

how ever the article references to a adapter rar (um-jmsra-95.rar) which I could not found in the Installation Home of the softwareag infrastructure.

Can someone point me to the adapter rar?
Or can someone explain other techniques to combine jboss with universal messaging?

Thanks a lot

in more recent versions of UM, you can find the RA in UniversalMessaging\j2ee\umra.rar
If it is not there, then please install the latest UM client fix, as for some versions it was added later in a fix.
If that doesn’t bring it in, then a pre-bundled RA was not available for that UM version.

Hello Jonathan,

thank you for your answer. I searched for the j2ee folder but could not find it in my Softwareag installation folder.
I wait for our infrastructure to get the necessary fix if there is one. We use the version 9.8 of the universal messaging server. In the meantime I have downloaded a standalone verison of um from terracotta. There I found the umra.rar but the jars are not compatible to the server. So I could not use this.
It seams that for the adapter configuration I only need the genericra.jar that is into the umra.rar.
Is there a posibility to get this jar for the 9.8 version from somewhere else?

The Terracotta version will indeed not work.
For 9.8, the RA was included in UM 9.8 Java Client Fix 4 (and higher).
If you have a local installation (even only containing clients), you should be able to install the fix using Update Manager (provided you have an Empower account with install credentials). That will get you the .rar file without updating the server.
But I would also recommend that your server is updated to the latest fix version, which is currently Fix 11.

Hallo Jonathan,

sorry for the long delay. Thank you for your answer. Now I have the umra.rar.
After starting the server there are no errors. But I don’t get any messages out of the um.
Instead there is a message from the genericjmsra I do not understand
09:38:21,980 INFO [com.sun.genericjmsra] (Thread-107) Begin getPasswordCredential
09:38:21,983 INFO [com.sun.genericjmsra] (Thread-107) ConnectionRequestInfo is null
09:38:21,985 INFO [com.sun.genericjmsra] (Thread-107) Subject is null
Seams that the bridge module of the jboss trys to connect to um and get no connection.
Are there hints you can give me to solve this problem?
My adapter configuration looks like this:

                <resource-adapter id="umra.rar">
                    <config-property name="JndiProperties">
                    <config-property name="LogLevel">
                    <config-property name="DeliveryType">
                        <connection-definition class-name="com.sun.genericra.outbound.ManagedJMSConnectionFactory" jndi-name="java:/SampleQueueConnectionFactory" enabled="true" use-java-context="true" pool-name="java:/SampleQueueConnectionFactory" use-ccm="true">
                            <config-property name="ConnectionFactoryJndiName">
                        <admin-object class-name="com.sun.genericra.outbound.QueueProxy" jndi-name="java:/EXAMPLE" use-java-context="true" pool-name="java:/EXAMPLE">
                            <config-property name="DestinationJndiName">

and the bridge looks like this

 <jms-bridge name="um-receive-bridge" max-batch-time="100" max-batch-size="10" max-retries="1" failure-retry-interval="10000" quality-of-service="AT_MOST_ONCE">
                <source destination="java:/EXAMPLE" connection-factory="SampleQueueConnectionFactory"/>
                <target destination="java:/jms/queue/UMEXAMPLE" connection-factory="ConnectionFactory"/>

I’m not seeing any useful logging in your last post.
I see from your config that you want to use a Connection Factory called SampleQueueConnectionFactory and a queue called EXAMPLE
Have you created these artifacts in the JNDI tab in Enterprise Manager?
Apart from that, I fear I can’t help much, as I am not familiar with RA, JBoss or the bridge you are using.
But if you can get some useful logging on either the client (with javax.jms or javax.naming exceptions) or the server (nirvana.log), then I might be able to give some pointers.