breaking a long string

Hi all,
I want to break a string of chars(say 400 chars) into a substrings of length 10.the end result here is 40 substrings,each of length 10.and I want these to be kept inside a stringlist.How do I do that…

Shouldd have explained clearly…here it goes

consider a string “aaaaa2aaaaabbbbb2bbbbbc2cccccdddddddddddd2dddddd2”
I want to break he string at every 10th point


and count the occuence of 2 in each line and the number of lines in total(using flow services)

“I want these to be kept inside a stringlist” – answer to this quote is use append i.e. pub.list:appendToStringList


Use splitstring and break the string based on first index and last index to split the sting at 10th point

just curious , where do we have splitstring ,can u give more details about where this specific utility exists .