Branding color change. makes Logout Button text all white in Frontend

Have changed theTheme as per company requirements. like Topbar to darkblue and all Text to white.
As a result when I click to logout menu I cannot see the text in primary color it is all white. On hover i can see the text in Blue.

How can I make the text Dark blue or background color as Darkblue as per theme.

In developerTools

  • Benutzereinstellungen
  • Abmelden

    How default setting of class dropdown-menu dropdown-menuright can be changed,
    to see Benutzereinstellungen and Abmelmen in blue?

    This way looks the .css styling file.
    :root {
    –white: #fff;
    –black: #000;
    –blue: #1417d4;
    –darkblue: #080a73;
    –background: #263238;
    –brand-complementary: darkgreen;
    –brand-dark: white;
    –brand-light: purple;
    –gray-text: #333;
    –link-color: var(–brand-primary);
    –link-hover-color: var(–brand-complementary);

    Thanks in advance.

    Any Updates?
    How to change background color of class: dropdown-menu dropdown-menuright (List logout and User Settings)

Hi @pradnya.bhore,

If you are doing these kind of changes on a CSS file level, we would expect that you are able to write also the simple CSS required to change a background color. If you are not, you might want to check out some basic CSS tutorials online or get in touch with our consulting team to help you.