BPMSTrial 9.12. How to clean process instances

Hi there,

I need to show BPMS a number of times and it would be good to show it without process instances created in a previous run.
Please, advise if grexec could be used for this, and if yes, then with which parameter.

I would expect the following sequence:
• grexec BpmsTrial -shutdown
• grexec BpmsTrial -configure
• grexec BpmsTrial -deploy
• grexec BpmsTrial -start

Is it correct?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Vladimir,

your use case is not supported via the scripts out of the box.
You might install the BpmsTrial package on a VM, take a snapshot before creating first process instances.
Later, you can revert to the snapshot as needed.

Best regards

Thank you Uli for advise.
Unfortunately, the snapshots are not supported by VM Player… :slight_smile:

Hi Vladimir,

you can use Archiving functionality from WmMonitor package for this.

i.e. pub.monitor.archive:processArchive

Specify “days to retain” as “-1”, Action as DELETE and Status as COMPLETED-FAILED.

Make sure that all instances have a final status (i.e. Completed, Stopped, Failed).
Started and Suspended processes are not taken into account during archiving.

See Monitor Users Guide for further informations.


Thank you Holger. I’ll try your hint.