BPM Subscription Trigger Regeneration


Do you know anyways to prevent the BPM Subscription trigger regeneration each time we do a build&Upload ?

Today, I have some custom properties set on the Subscription trigger. But the problem is everytime i build and upload . this trigger is regenerated and the custom properties are set as default. Can i tell process Engine not to recreate the subscription trigger each time i build and upload?

Hi Divya,

I dont thik that there is an option for avoid this regeneration.

Can you explain what properties where modified for your custom needs?
We might be able to suggest a workaround or solution which does not require to modify the generated trigger then.


Thanks Holger, here is my scenario,

  1. My process has a start event step with subscription for doc A1 and another intermediate event step with subscription for doc B1.

  2. There is a rare chance that docB1 might arrive earlier(Split Secs) than A1, in that case DocB1 will not be able to correlate to a running processinstance and would be discarded.

  3. To fix this ,we make use of transient error handling so that it retries Doc B1 three secs later ,by when docA1 would have arrived and the process instance would have been ready waiting for docB1.

  4. by Default, The Retry untilis set to Success in a Subscription trigger, which might end up in hung threads . so we really need to set it as max attempts reached

Hope it makes sense.Please let me know otherwise ,i can explain it in more details.

Hi Divya,

from where does the second document come from?
Published somewhere else?
Can you try to add a sleep period before publishing or just use “delayUntilServiceSuccess=true” on the publish-step?

When it is coming from somewhere else you can also try to pick up the second document by a normal trigger, doing some delay and then republish it to the process trigger. This can be done i.e. by checking for a field in the document which is not used in your regular processing. When it has its default value or is missing/empty then catch it before the subscription trigger, set it to i.e. “delayed” and republish. You will have to change the subscription filter for the process then to check if this field contains “delayed”.

We are using something similar in our project where we are expecting several documents for the intermediate step, but when they arrive to close to each other the process is not consuming all of them or is messing them up.

Just pointing out some options. There might other options/ideas out there, so lets see what others in the community thinks about this.


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Thank You!
delayUntilServiceSuccess will delay it only until the service (which calls publish) completes. Isn’t it? We are already publishing this at the end of the service.

delaying it by a trigger seems helpful. Thanks Again!

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