BPM Process Config File is not getting updated

Hi All,

I created BPM process and uploaded it with version 1.0. I added new transitions and uploaded it. The config file present /config/wmprt/.xml is not getting updated with new transition condition.

I also ran scan package also, still it is not getting updated. Can anyone provide me the solution to update the config file?

Karthikeyan S

Hi Karthikeyan,

please provide further informations:
which wM Version are you on?
any Fixes applied to this?

Did you see any messages in server.log or Build report tab in Designer?


Dear Kartikeyan,

Do you retry with reloading package WmPRT and your BPM services package again,

Thank You

hi Karthik,
what is the .xml file inside config folder you expect to be updated? The actual process information will be in the fragment files. When you build and upload the process, the fragment will get updated automatically. Sometimes when it doesn’t get updated, if you run scanPackage, for the first time you can notice, modifiedFragments, NewFragments etc., but second time if you run, you will not see that because the fragment file is already updated…

Do you see the process updated in the MWS BPM Administration page? Initiate some process and if your process instances are with the right flow/picture, you are good already…