BPM Deployment Issue

Here is my scenario:

A BPM is deployed to IS and running.
We changed something (e.g Timeout value) for BPM in Designer, and built and deployed to the same IS.
However when we logged in to My Webmethods Server, in Administration–>Business -->Business Process, there were 2 processes with the same name. We tried to delete one of them, unfortunately delete option was greyed out for both.

Did anyone ever see the same issue? How to delete them and avoid to have the same issue happen?

Do you use Deployer7.x or using Designer’s build and upload option to MWS??

It shouldn’t show the process with the same name/duplicates,thats weird…

Did you try delete the duplicate process from the backend PE tables??

Any luck with the logs?

If not open SR with tech support.


Not Deployer, but Designer 7.1.
I am not in office so I can not post some logs. But will when back to office.

Thanks for your reply,