Blueprint Plugin Error

When adding Blueprint as plugin to document in webMethods version 4.1
I am getting following error.
flow_architect <repositoryevent> <clientgroup> <blueprint> <repositoryuser> <password> <BrokerConnectString
<repositoryevent> is normally “BrokerRepository::BIRepositoryData”
<clientgroup> is the client group that the adapter will use at run time
<blueprint> is the name of the blueprint to open when the tool starts
<repositoryuser> is usually “Admin”
<password> is the above user’s password, the empty string ("") by default
<brokerconnectstring> is the string to connect to the repository broker,
of the type “broker@host admin” (e.g. “Broker #1@localhost admin”)

Can anyone please let me know how to resolve this.

You remove the SSL for Admin client group and then check plugin.
it should work.