BizTalk server to webMethods ---SSL connectivity issue


One of our partners has a BizTalk server and he is having problems connecting to our webMethods server using digital certs.
He will be doing a https post to our server.
Is there any thing specfic that needs to be configured on the webMethods side to accept incoming calls from the BizTalk server?
Actually we have different partners connected to us thru SSL ,but they all have webMethods on their end.
The SSL connectivity works fine for both inbound and outbound.The SSL configuration works perfect.

The problem is with accepting inbound calls from BizTalk server?
Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Here is Error that we get:

An error occurred in BizTalk Server.


[0x80090322] An error occurred during transmission:
A secure connection with the remote server could not be negotiated. The server’s certificate may not be valid.
Request information:

Proxy port:80
Content-Type:application/x-RosettaNet-agent; charset=“iso-8859-1”
User name:
Request body:1058 Bytes
Timeout duration (seconds): 93
Error code:80090322

[0x0159] The server encountered a transport error while processing the messaging port “eCProcurement_SendRNIF_Bayer_HTTPS_ASP_Port”, which uses a transport component with a ProgID of “BizTalk.SendHTTPX.1”.

[0x012a] All retry transmissions failed.

[0x80090322] The target principal name is incorrect.

[0x0156] The server could not finish processing messaging port “eCProcurement_SendRNIF_Bayer_HTTPS_ASP_Port”.

[0x1730] Suspended Queue ID: “{CBB168D5-7A53-4AB3-9F67-19BC9B25D732}”

[0x80090322] The target principal name is incorrect.


This message from what appears to be the BizTalk log might mean that the host name BizTalk initiated the SSL connection with does not match the hostname in the certificate (you might have used something like myhost instead of

[0x80090322] The target principal name is incorrect.

You are absolutely right.
But why would this happen in the case of BizTalk server only,while the rest of our webMethods partners have no problem connecting to us thru SSL(and with the sam certificate/url).
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

I had a conversation with Microsoft support when trying to get a BizTalk partner hooked up to our webMethods system via HTTPS.