best way to shutdown before servers are rebooted

Does anyone know the best way to shut down webMethods prior to the server being rebooted? We currently just reboot the webMethods boxes. This has worked since at least version 6. We recently had a corrupt file, that SoftwareAG thinks could have been caused by not shutting down the instances before the reboot.
I’ve looked into:
running \webMethods8\profiles\IS\bin\shutdown.bat - doesn’t work
running http://server:port/invoke/wm.server.admin/shutdown?bounce=no&option=force&timeout=0 - works but needs to log in first
running \webmethods98\IntegrationServer\bin\shutdown.bat - doesn’t work
running \Scripts\stopsvc.cmd - doesn’t work

I’m running these on both 8.2.2 and 9.8 (working on getting all code migrated off 8.2.2)
I’m running on 3 different environments (dvlp, test and production)
I’m running 2 instances in 9.8 (B2B and default)

Since the admins will be running something scheduled I need to either script something or give simple executables.



The old scripts had that problem sometimes. Since I’ve been working with 9.9, that almost never happens.

The way the new scripts seem to work is to wait a certain time for the process to die and, if it doesn’t, send a ‘kill -9’.

The way the installation is now organized, pointing to exact script in the correct profile (or an alias of it) is the safest way.

On older versions you might have to make your own scripts.

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for wM versions prior to 8.x there is WmShutdown-Utility available in the Samples Section of the Community.

On newer versions the IntegrationServer/bin/shutdown.{bat|sh} should work.
If not, the other way to shutdown the server is to delete the .anchor file under profiles/IS/bin directory.
This triggers the shutdown mechanism in the Tanuki Wrapper.

Calling the scripts for shutdown can be integrated in the run level control of the machines so that they will be executed automatically when the box reboots.


Thank you for the suggestions. I will set these up and see how it turns out. :wink: