Best way to keep Integration Server cluster in sync


Given that things like packages, configuration, etc. have to be in sync for an Integration Server cluster to work properly, I was wondering what the best way to keep an Integration in sync is? All I can think of at the moment is:

  • ensuring installed products and fixes are the same, compare installation with Command Central
  • ensuring packages and configuration are the same (e.g pointing to the same database) do a folder/file comparison between the two installation with a tool like WinMerge or Beyond Compare. Even when excluding log files from the comparison, however, this method is complicated because there are still many files that differ

An alternative would be to identify all files that are different in a cluster, such as files that have the server’s DNS name and IP address. Then, treating one IS as master and the other one as slave, implementing a mechanism that ensures that every time a change is made to the master, that it needs to be copied to the slave - except for files that should always be different between nodes. However, I haven’t look enough into it to be able to identify such a list.

Any thoughts on this?