Best way to issue bmkdb command from within a flow

I have a flow service that ftp’s out to a site, grabs all the files then sweeps the directories and grabs the files within them while retaining the directory structure. Now, the second half of the flow will ftp into a local ftp server and populate it with the exact structure and file set that the original site had. My problem is this: I can’t issue a ‘mkd’ command to the internal ftp server, not can I issue a ‘lcd’ command. Why? Because the only way short of writing a java service is to use the QUOTE command (PUB:CLIENT:FTP:QUOTE) and it issues the commands in uppercase, which causes grief on servers as they don’t understand uppercase commands such as that.

Does anyone have a custom java service that can do this? Perhaps another way to do it?

This is the last piece to finish for me.

Thanks all!!